Jon Radermacher, M.F.A.

Associate Dean - School of Communications and Information Systems, Associate Professor of Media Arts

Office: WHE208
Office hours:
Walk-in or by appointment M-F

Jon Radermacher began teaching in higher education at Indiana University Bloomington in 1999 and has been on the RMU faculty since 2005. Since his arrival at RMU, he has been teaching 2D design, 3D design, web design, product design, 3D computer modeling and digital imaging courses. He served as department head of Media Arts from 2009 to 2014 before becoming Associate Dean of the School of Communications and Information Systems. Radermacher recently co-developed and executed a design project between his 3D design students and Prof. Ferdinand Chrenka's product design students from the Academy of Fine Art and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia. This project, facilitated by Dr. Vladimir Burcik, created an intercultural exchange of ideas, design, and communication - all through teleconferencing. The success of the project was recognized at the 2011 European Academy of Digital Media's conference in Graz, Austria where Radermacher and Burcik presented the success and challenges of executing such a project.

Radermacher specializes in three-dimensional problem solving, construction techniques with multiple materials, as well as digital and traditional fabrication techniques. His creative activity primarily focuses on the themes of technology, consumerism and personal identity. He creates objects and sculptures that question product marketing, consumer attitudes and social formations. He has exhibited his work at scores of American invitational and juried exhibitions, including the Sculpture, Object and Functional Art (SOFA) exhibitions in New York and Chicago. Radermacher's formal teaching background is in fine arts foundations, specifically 2D and 3D design courses. Through his creative activity over the last 20 years, he has become an advanced user and teacher of Rhinoceros 3D modeling software, and Adobe's Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Radermacher's skill in web design came out of coding web pages before there were WYSIWYG editors in the 1990's. Since then, he has become an advanced coder in HTML and CSS and he uses PHP to create heightened interactivity for users through the use of database information.

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