First and foremost, this site was designed by students for students!

Five top students from the four concentrations were selected by Media Arts faculty to be a part of the new Community Design Workshop (CDW). The purpose of CDW is to provide students experience designing for real, third party clients. In its pilot year, CDW's client was the Media Arts department, allowing for initial adjustments and tweaking to be made to the program. This is an extra curricular program that is eligible for RMU's Student Engagement Transcript and the idea for implementing the workshop was brought forward by Prof. Ferris Crane. The CDW is one of many ways Media Arts students attain professional experience prior to graduation.

Under the direction of Profs. Andrew Ames and Jon Radermacher, students met weekly to plan, design and build this site. Frank Vieira, who pursued a double concentration in graphic and web design, helped design the look of the site and was the primary force behind the new department logo. Deb Ostrander, who pursued a concentration in web design, coded the site and assisted with its design as well. Brock Switzer, who pursued a photography concentration, captured nearly every photo you see here, including some of the stills used in student stories.  Both Josh Elsass and Kenya Johns, who pursued concentrations in TV/Video production, worked side by side to capture, edit and do post on all the student stories. 

All five students worked together planning the web site architecture, adding features relevant to current and prospective students. Their skills, talent, and teamwork are represented here and the department thanks them for their tireless efforts.

Given the diversity in subject matter, locations, and situations, some photographs on this site were captured by other students including Noah Purdy, Mandy Fierens, David Brous, Kelsey Pledger, and others (where credit information was not available).


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